Enjoy the little things in life...

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Canva - Silhouette of a Woman by the Bea
the little things, 
the little moments,
they aren't so little.

Established in 2014, 'Little Blossom Yoga' classes and workshops offer the chance to learn and discover yoga postures and mindful movement activities in a relaxing environment for both adult and child to enjoy.

Specialists in children's yoga therapy based in Hampshire in the South of England, we believe that the benefits of practicing yoga and relaxation gives people of all ages valuable techniques to maintain a calm and resilient attitude in today's hectic world.


Yoga poses are effective and positive for everyone; Grandparents, Daddies, Mummies, babies and young children - and if practised consistently, yoga can teach us how to respect our own physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing and other people's too. 


We provide creative and engaging adult and children's workshops, group classes in both educational and childcare settings and also one-to-one appointments. 

Please see our available workshops to book directly or feel free to contact us for a more personalised experience.