Suitable for parents who are experienced and those who are completely new to yoga and for babies from 8 weeks old - up to around 18 months of age, all warmly welcomed to join this friendly, positive and gentle class.


Learn baby yoga postures which help to relax little ones, relieve symptoms of colic, stimulate the vestibular system, promote motor development milestones and so much more... whilst taking some all important 'time out' to gently stretch and revive your post-natal body with an experienced and supportive yoga teacher.

6 Week blocks are priced at £60 for each adult and child pair, Half price for multiples (Twins) - payable in advance.


Spring 2 Term Starts: Thursday April 15th - Thursday 20th May 2021


09:30-10:30 am


@ Woodlands Community Centre, 7 Malvern Close, Fair oak, Eastleigh, SO50 7GF


The Benefits of Baby Yoga

  • Can increase your baby's body awareness and confidence as he/she grows

  • Promotes and maintains flexibility and suppleness of their muscles and joints

  • Can strengthen your infant's spine

  • Gives your child a feel for exercise and physical stimulation

  • The movement supports and promotes development of their vestibular system

  • The specially designed exercises help the baby to develop co-ordination of the brain and body

  • Supports and helps to regulate your infant's sustaining systems, including breathing, circulation, digestion, and elimination

  • The classes provide an opportunity for you to exercise with your baby

  • Teaches both you and your baby how to relax by providing shared relaxation time at the end of each session