Children's Yoga in Schools 

Our modern world is now faster, more efficient and technologically advanced than ever before which boasts great benefits to our younger generation. However it also seems more stressful, distracted and busy and our children are particularly susceptible to these influences. As an experienced primary school teacher, I saw first-hand both the positive and all too often negative effects of our developing world on young people. With 1 in 5 student in every classroom experiencing some kind of mental health issue, it is growing more and more evident that we need new skills and awareness to deal with such an environment.

My research into the calming effects of yoga, meditation and mindfulness led me to  believe that yoga acts as a pre-emptive approach to safeguarding young children's mental health and wellbeing. With the aim to provide educational settings with regular fun and engaging yoga and mindfulness sessions, we hope to arm young people with the tools and techniques to support their overall health and well-being.

At Little Blossom Yoga, we understand the increased daily pressures on children within nursery and schools and the rise of mental health issues amongst young children, especially stress and anxiety related issues. We truly believe that we can help children to manage and thrive under these pressures by introducing mindfulness to them at an early age, teaching them techniques to let them handle stress and ride the inevitable waves of life. As has been well documented, the brain is constantly changing and evolving and through a regular mindfulness practise we can help your children make a positive improvement in the brain’s structure and function. Mindfulness can have a positive impact on emotional reactions, decision-making and self-control, which results in lower stress levels and enhanced wellbeing. 

Our classes will teach children to:

+ Be more aware of breath in their body

+ Connect to sensations in their body

+ Be more present and aware of how their brain can influence their behaviour

+  Recognise and understand signs of stress in their body and mind. 

+ Give them tools to calm themselves.

+ Have greater understanding of kindness and gratitude.

+ Develop empathy and sympathy for others.

We want to instil this strong foundation to support and nurture them through their childhood.