Children's Yoga in Schools 

Teaching children in the primary age-phase Yoga or 'Mindful Movement' at school has radically transformed education around the globe. Yoga is taught on the curriculum in Australia, United States and in International Schools worldwide. It's amazing to think that all the benefits of baby and toddler (and adults!) yoga is now being acknowledged in school-aged children, teenagers and with young adults too. 


By incorporating the core values and teachings of Yoga and Mindfulness, our unique Little Blossom Yoga method educates, empowers and exercises the WHOLE child – stimulating physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing.

Yoga increases children's ability to self-regulate their behaviour, develop mind-body awareness and physical fitness helping them to feel confident in themselves and their bodies. My research into the effects teaching yoga weekly had on my class of Year 2 children were profound and has encouraged me to bring the benefits to other schools and children too.


Yoga can be taught collaboratively, which improves every child's ability to work with others, promoting teamwork and interdependence skills. A growing body of research suggests that yoga can improve focus, memory, self-esteem, academic performance, classroom behaviour which can reduce anxiety and stress in children. Research has suggested that the benefits are particularly pronounced with children who have SEND, particularly those on the autistic spectrum or who suffer with social, emotional, mental health needs and disorders. 

At a time when childhood obesity, stress and anxiety levels in the UK are on the rise; isn't it time we realised that yoga is so much more than chanting 'Ommmm' whilst sitting in funny positions? Have you considered integrating yoga into your schools PE or PSHE curriculum?


Bring yoga and mindfulness into your school. Change the lives of your toddlers, children, young people and teachers. Why not get in touch via email or using the contact section of the website to find out more about how we can help you to bring the benefits of Yoga to your school.