What to pack in your birthing bag...

Birth Bag for Mum & Birth Companion

Wish list Tens machine if desired Food and drink options for both. Coconut water. Water. Bananas. Easy to eat sweets. Massage oil. Birth ball Fresh towels from home Cushions/pillow from home Blanket from home Music Money for parking/cab/canteen Baby car seat Slippers Dressing gown Shower items Flannel or wet compress Heat compress/hot water bottles Music Entertainment Phone numbers/phone charger Feeding bra/top for post birth Clothes for post birth Warm socks Larger than usual knickers Maternity pads Nipple cream Nipple pads

Birth Bag for Baby

Newborn nappies Baby grows short/long sleeved Hat Socks/booties Vests Cotton wool Water container Going home clothes Blanket Car seat/buggy

Babies can decide to come at all sorts of times of the day and night so packing your bag in good time and keeping it somewhere that is easy to grab will save you time and energy.